18. 10. 2014

Living in Aberdeen

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Ok. Let me explain what is happening at the moment. I already had so much stuff to do for my course at uni and it was a struggle to blog at the same time. But it wouldnt be me if I didnt have something extra. Month ago my knee started hurting really badly so I visited local GP for help. I was told I had flat feet and everything should be sorted out by wearing insoles in my shoes. I started being suspicious after three weeks when my pain got even worse and I didnt see any improvement. Therefore I visited a physio who surprised me with the fact that my feet are not flat and the treatment from my GP made everything worse. I was told what to do to make the pain go away but you know what? Its been a while since they told me that and everything is still getting worse. I am really fed up with this. I have no idea what to do and I am basically stuck at home cause I cant walk properly. I cant work and it stops me from blogging as well cause its difficult to walk somewhere with tripod and take pics of me. Really hope it will get better but I feel like I am slightly giving up. In the mean time, here are few pics of beautiful Aberdeen. I really like this place and I wish I could enjoy it more.

8. 10. 2014

Fashion Magazine made by RGU students

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In last couple of blog posts I was telling you about the magazine that we are going to be creating as a part of our course. It is really an intense work but I am sure it will be worth it once we see the final result. To give you an idea about the magazine I took few pictures of last two magazines made by fashion management students. I think they made such a good job and I hope we will be able to create something similar, maybe even better. What do you think? I am actually really impressed.

4. 10. 2014

The power of photography

aberdeen photography, photographer, study, czech girl, blogger
Here is a second part of the photoshoot I made with my sister. I am really interested in learning more about taking pics especially after our first fashion photography lecture. There were couple of photography students with us so I am planning to ask some of them for help with my blog. I also found one very talented guy who will be helping us with our magazine and he also agreed to take few pics of me. Hopefully I will be able to collaborate with more people and create interesting blog posts.

30. 9. 2014

Módní blogerka v zahraničí

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And it is happening again. I seriously have to start working way harder on my blog cause I do not want to stop blogging again. It is really difficult to study, work in the restaurant and write articles but I hope I will be able to make it. I though I would be able to making my own pics but I usually come home quite late so the lighting is not good enough. I am going to try to find some photographer who can help me with my blog so wish me luck.

25. 9. 2014

Relax in the fields

blogger in aberdeen, rgu, fashion management, robert gordon university
My second year at uni is about to begin and I can already say it will be a super busy year. At our induction we found out a bit more about the magazine we are about to make and our first task is to create a photoshoot. We will be responsible for styling and we have to work with a photographer, model and make-up stylist. I have a really great group of people with similar aesthetics so I believe we will come up with some interesting ideas. I am also a member of fashion society which will bring people with same passion together. I am looking forward to meet other fashion students. Our first event is tomorrow and we are starting with an American frat party with guys from rugby society. Wish us luck. :)

22. 9. 2014

Crazy for shopping (my work as a photographer)

Before I left the Czech Republic I wanted to try my new camera and took few pics. Luckily my sister agreed to be my model so we spent couple of hours outside just having fun and taking funny pics. She was dressed up as a crazy shopaholic and I am so happy that she wasnt afraid to do all those crazy poses and faces because it looks really good. I have a few other pics I took that day which I want to share with you later cause they have a different vibe than those. I hope you will like them.

18. 9. 2014

New hair colour

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Greetings from Aberdeen. I already settled a little bit in a new flat and had a chance to see my friends. However, it feels so different than the previous year. Maybe because all my closest friends are gone, maybe because I am a year older and I dont really enjoy those wild parties anymore. It is weird when everyone around you is 7 years younger than you. But I will see how it goes. As you can see on those pics I have a new hair colour and I love it. It is dramatic and so cool. And I also have a new dress from my favorite shop Chi Chi. I really want to buy every single dress they offer cause they are so feminine and cute.